Funding FAQ’s

How is Gold Coast Via de Cristo funded?

How is Via de Cristo organized? Who funds it? How can I contribute to this mission? Click on the plus sign next to the questions to find some answers to frequently asked questions about funding.

God inspired and supports Via de Cristo, and He called each of us to be here to share in it. Just as God chose the Roman Catholic Church in Spain to give birth to this remarkable method of Christian renewal through His Holy Spirit, this same Holy Spirit has supported each of us throughout the weekend — opening our ears and hearts to Christ’s message, inspiring the palanca and love which we have shared in such abundance.

So Via de Cristo is led, first of all by the Holy Spirit. The Gold Coast Via de Cristo also has a Secretariat of lay people which selects the Rectors and Rectoras and Spiritual directors, who then assemble their Via de Cristo teams. The Secretariat also handles bookkeeping, supplies and other logistics, and communications within the Cursillo community. Our mission after weekends is to go right back into the organizations we already belong to—our families, churches, jobs, and neighborhoods. That’s where God needs us to share the love and joy that He has showered upon us in this Via de Cristo weekend.

The cost for the weekend itself is approximately $6,000, in addition to other operational expenses and fees for the organization.

As you know, money doesn’t grow on a burning bush! The Via de Cristo movement receives no financial support from any church. It runs just fine on “JOG”, which is our shorthand for JOY OF GIVING. Your contribution will enable us to provide future weekends. Just as everyone’s commitment differs depending on his or her way of life, so does everyone’s ability to contribute.

Another important part of JOG is giving of your time and talent.
Each one of us has something special and unique to offer.
This is a purely volunteer movement and we cannot do this without you.

Jesus loves you and so do we.

You can use the Give Now Button which will take you to the SmartGiving web site and you can set up your account there. If you want to use your phone, text GIVE to 561-660-9700 and you will access the SmartGiving site to set up your account.

You will be asked to register with a credit/debit card or ACH the first time. Don’t forget to save the number in your phone. You can always text Edit to update your information, set up a recurring gift and the check the status of a gift.

You will receive text confirmation of your gift and also an email receipt. It would be helpful for your Head Cha to receive a copy of the team fee email. It would also be helpful for the Pre-Via de Cristo Rep at [email protected] to receive an email with the sponsor/candidate name so they can match up the gift appropriately.

You can schedule recurring gifts weekly, twice monthly, or monthly through SmartGiving.

You can pay either by check or at  SmartGiving.

Team fees can be sent using the TEAM designation on our SmartGiving page.

Sponsoring a candidate can be paid using the “Sponsor” designation.

¡ Please wait to pay until you receive and email confirmation that your candidate has been accepted for the weekend!

If you would like to contribute to scholarships for team members that may need help with fees, please use the SPONSOR designation on SmartGiving. It would be helpful to email [email protected] to let us know that is your intention.

Gold Coast Via De Cristo is an Amazon Smile Charity. You can turn your Amazon purchases into a force for good. With every eligible purchase, Amazon Smile donates 0.5% to Gold Coast Via De Cristo. Here is some further information about Amazon Smile and here is how to reach the Amazon Smile site to set up your account.

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