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Men’s Gold Coast Via de Cristo Weekend 104 is at capacity, so we are only accepting applications for Men’s 105 which is scheduled for the fall. Women’s weekends are still open.


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If you provide your pastor's email address, we will copy him/her requesting his/her approval and signature. Additionally, please let your pastor know that his/her recommendation is a prerequisite for your participation in a Via de Cristo Weekend.
Briefly list the offices or positions you have held in church or civic organizations. If none, please write "None"
Do you have any special medical or physical dietary considerations?


To be completed by the Sponsor
Numeric values only. Minimum of one year to sponsor a candidate.
Briefly explain why your candidate will benefit from and contribute to the VDC Movement.
Be prepared to (1) Personally escort your Candidate to Sendoff. (2) Be present during the Weekend for Chapel Palanca. (3) Personally escort the Candidate's wife to the Wive's meeting on Friday night. (4) Place the Candidate in a Reunion Group. (5) Followup on your Candidate's progress for at least one year. (6) Actively participate in your Candidate's Weekend.

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