Walking with Jesus

When I was a preschool child we lived in a small town in Texas where everyone knew everyone, and everyone looked out for their neighbor’s child. My mom often sent me on my tricycle to the local mercantile store to pick up thread, zippers, and various needs for her sewing endeavors. I rode my tricycle [...]

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Strategy and Method in the Cursillo Movement

The birth of the Cursillo came about as the result of the preparations for the Great Pilgrimage of 1948 to Compostela, the tomb of St. James the Greater. These preparations began in 1941, with many workshops (called "Cursillos" - short courses) to form the Catholic Action leaders. The notion of a pilgrimage to God began [...]

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Who Should Attend?

Who should attend a Via de Cristo weekend? Via de Cristo is intended for lay people from every walk of life, for pastors, for people who live strong and active lives in Christ, and also for those who seek to be renewed and strengthened in their relationship with Christ and the people around them. Via [...]

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